Galaxy S22 법인명의 업무용핸드폰 개통 Self-sufficiency system, trends in mobile telecommunication scented prices,

We got off to a good start. It was officially released on February 25th, and it became explosive popularity from pre-booking. In particular, even the basic type and were positively evaluated, contributing greatly to the high sales volume.
The Galaxy S22 업무용 법인핸드폰 개통was quite complete in all three lines. The design was satisfactory, and the display size was 6.1 inches / 6.6 inches / 6.8 inches, which balanced the lineup well. The performance also includes new materials such as 4-nano AP Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, Gel TIM, and Nano TIM. Everyone believed that it would quell the fever controversy of the previous S21.
Samsung knew it well. Even before the release, we were planning to sell more than 20% higher than the previous product.

However, the controversy over the game optimization service (GOS), which has become an issue right away, is growing rapidly. Some people interpret the GOS issue as a major crisis for Samsung Electronics as a whole. On the contrary, there are even different evaluations that it is just a temporary issue and that there is no need to put much meaning on it.

But in a broad context, the problem is big. This is because the mobile business centered on smartphones accounts for a very large portion of Samsung Electronics as a whole.
Samsung Electronics also announced that it recognizes the importance through its shareholders’ meeting in March. We distributed the update quickly without delaying it much. It was a software update about GOS limiting performance from the beginning of the game. Currently, we have opened a bypass route that was not possible even after One UI 4.0.
But the controversy is still not easily subdued. This is because it is directly related to the trust of Samsung Electronics’ UX division. It is a fact to admit that even existing buyers who purchased for the first time and those who are thinking of purchasing a new Galaxy S22 series have no choice but to look at them critically.
Under these circumstances, high sales in the early stages of release are on the decline, especially with the Galaxy S22 self-sufficiency model. From Samsung’s point of view, there must be a planned quantity. If sales are below expectations, marketing efforts will now be needed.

We are implementing a massive policy accordingly. But what’s interesting is that we’re focusing on the mobile phone model, not the Galaxy S22 법인명의 업무용 휴대폰 self-sufficiency system. It’s a great opportunity for those of you who have been thinking about changing your mind through mobile telecommunication
Usually, the benefit of making a reservation in advance is the best. From the manufacturer’s point of view, pre-booking buyers can be seen as their fan base, and initial sales are very important in many ways, so they start selling with a variety of benefits.

In particular, Samsung, which has wireless earphones such as the Buzz series and various home appliances, and colorful partners such as YouTube and Willa, tend to do so even more.
However, as sales have plummeted since the GOS issue broke out, discounts equivalent to pre-orders continue to be made on sales channels of the current Galaxy S22 업무용 법인 휴대폰 개통 But it’s still the same. No matter how much discount you give, you can never get a low price. In particular, NFT and coupon amounts have fallen significantly compared to pre-booking, so there is virtually no merit.
Instead, I want you to pay attention to mobile communication. Since the GOS controversy erupted, each mobile carrier has been the first to sharply raise the public subsidy for the most competitive S22 Ultra. So there was an ironic situation where the most expensive and high-performance Ultra was cheaper than the basic plus models.
Those who are interested in cell phone sales trends would have noticed this first. It’s easy for anyone’s guesses what? The ironic situation in which higher line-up products were lower in price than lower models could not last long, and eventually, the price of each mobile carrier’s (basic plus) Galaxy S22 was drastic.
In conclusion, if you buy it now, it’s more like mobile communication than self-sufficiency. It is extremely unusual for the price of the flagship model, which has been released less than two months, to be in such a good situation from the beginning. This is an unusual situation that occurred for the first time since Galaxy S3 with 170,000 won in 2012.

In particular, those who need to pay more attention are those who are already using high-rate plans at existing major telecommunications companies.
Finally, here’s my view on GOS. I bought Galaxy S22 비영리단체 업무용핸드폰 basic model and 2 ultras in advance from the beginning and I still use it. Maybe it’s because I’m not good at high-end games, I don’t know It was hard to feel the GOS issue. In particular, after the initial soft update, another update was made on March 31, and after that, I felt more comfortable to use.
The heat of GOS and Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 has indeed risen to the surface. However, personally, there was no inconvenience in performance and convenience under normal usage conditions. And as Samsung’s GOS issue grows rapidly, software updates to improve practical usability is expected to continue.