Galaxy Z Fold 3 Opening Machine.
Foldable smartphones are products that were not very interested in unless they were early adopters or trendsetters. It was released after practical use with Samsung’s steady efforts, but the technology was not complete and faced a real wall. It was amazing and surprising to see the form factor change ahead of time. However, in the end, it was quite inconvenient to use.
And just last month, Samsung Electronics’ new Galaxy Z Fold 3 seemed to be a small improvement, but through major changes, it has always supplemented the shortcomings and is drawing good responses.
Is that why? The Galaxy Z Fold 3 showed explosive sales at the same time as pre-booking, and demand outpaced supply early. According to a recent article, Samsung Display’s factory operation rate has risen from 40-50% to 80-90%.
In particular, the Chuseok holiday has passed, and it is expected to continue its high sales once again. Fortunately, I quickly preoccupied the Galaxy Fold 3 Phantom Green model during the pre-booking and have been using it until now. It’s a bit late, but there aren’t many people who have received it in person.
The recent trend of smartphone components is simplicity. We’re gradually reducing the number of components. The same goes for the Galaxy Z Fold 3 법인핸드폰. There are only USB-C cables, SIM pins, and instructions. There is no charging adapter. Still, not many people use USB-C type adapters so far, but it’s a bit disappointing that they excluded them from expensive phones.

법인핸드폰 개통

As if butterflies were flapping large wings, the display that spreads wide on both sides is a clear identity. You can suddenly access minimal tablets on a bar-type smartphone. Until the previous work, the middle fold was quite noticeable at this distance, but it seems to have offset a lot. Except when viewed up close, the degree of irritation to the eyes has decreased significantly.
The cover display is 6.2 inches and the inner main display is 7.6 inches. When folded, it changes like a typical bar-shaped smartphone and a tablet when opened. I always feel it, but it’s like a transformer.
This Galaxy Fold 3 is equipped with a 120Hz scanning rate display both inside and outside. I think the biggest advantage is that there is no sense of difference every time you use it from the cover display to the inside.

The most important thing to pay attention to in the Galaxy Z Fold 3 법인 알뜰폰 is the use of the S Pen and the UDC. UDC, or under-display camera, which had been circulating through various rumors even before its launch, has been installed for the first time in Samsung Electronics’ smartphone.
When it looks white, it’s noticeable. But it wasn’t that big, and it looked like a thin film surrounding it. At first, it bothered me right away, but the more I used it, the more I forgot the existence of the front camera. It can be seen as meaning that it is hiding well and revealing well.
I was most annoyed when I watched the video where the letterbox was created. I don’t always watch videos in portrait mode. On the black screen, the limitations of the physical structure that cannot be seen as completely black were revealed. This is also a new UDC technology, a matter of adaptation, so it doesn’t bother me, and considering these points, it seems to be a positive factor in practical use.

The fact that waterproofing of foldable 법인폰 개통 was applied for the first time is also evaluated as a significant improvement in practical usability.
We got a hint that even if water splashes on the bicycle chain when it rains, we started producing it right away, and hinge is the masterpiece that Samsung put the most effort into, so we can gauge how confident we are in the first waterproof application of the Galaxy Z-fold and Flip 3.
The waterproof grade is IPX8, and whenever I take a shower, I put it next to me and listen to music comfortably, and I was able to use it neatly without any problems.
The weight is very small, but it has decreased. It’s light considering the structure of two bar-type smartphones, but, indeed, it’s still slightly heavy in actual use. According to the specification, the weight is 271g and the actual measurement result is 276g.
For your information, the colors are the Phantom Green I’m using, and the three colors are black and silver.