IPHONE 13 업무폰

What is the function of the iPhone 13 satellite communication?

As summer passes, various news about the iPhone 13 업무용폰, which is expected to be released through an autumn event, is being heard. One of them is the satellite communication function that is expected to be equipped with the iPhone 13, and the world is paying attention to this technology with technology using low-orbit (LEO) satellites.
Increasingly, companies are thinking that various technologies using satellite communication will be introduced one by one.

There has been a lot of news recently that Apple usually releases its iPhone through the September event Rather than a big change in design, it seems that the focus will be on the addition of colors and the improvement of camera performance. In the meantime, Apple has added new features every time it unveiled a new iPhone and has often expanded to various models the following year, so it is highly likely that camera functions applied to the pro-line will be applied to all models.

The expected satellite communication technology for iPhone 13?

We’ve just heard a new story, and you’ve heard about space, satellites, and so on in the midst of fierce competition in the space industry with satellite communication technology Elon Musk and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos are already investing heavily in space aviation as well as space satellites.

Space travel is still a long way off, but satellite communication sk법인폰 , which is the basis of it, has already been built to some extent and has progressed quite a bit, and Elon Musk is actively engaged in Starlink business to open high-speed Internet networks.
When satellite communication networks are established, more countries with lower Internet penetration will be able to enjoy the Internet, communication, and more.


Satellite communication is a technology that provides communication such as the 업무폰 Internet using many satellites orbiting the Earth. In order to use it, chips such as LTE and 5G must be equipped, and devices with satellite communication can make phone calls, text messages, and the Internet without going through base stations or repeaters on the ground.

Given that such chips are expected to be installed in the iPhone 13, the industry believes that Apple is preparing more than a year earlier than other manufacturers.

In fact, 업무용핸드폰 this technology was often mentioned as one of Apple’s satellite communication technologies two or three years ago, and it began to be mentioned in detail, which means that companies preparing satellite communication have secured some service competitiveness. Of course, the inclusion of satellite communications does not mean that the Internet, currency, and text can be used based on satellites in a short time, but I think Apple will be able to innovate more if this technology is built. I think it will be used for emergency calls and text messages right now.

In particular, it can be used for electric vehicles that Apple is currently developing, can be used in various fields such as IoT markets and Apple Glass, and a larger market will be created by expanding to places with good communication infrastructure.

The release of the iPhone 13 is just around the corner, so I think I’ll be able to see the exact appearance of the 공용휴대전화 iPhone 13 soon, but anyway, it’s fun just imagining it.
In Korea, there is no place where a currency is not possible because the infrastructure is very good, but it is not easy to build infrastructure because the land is so wide overseas, but if this technology is used, it will be a world that connects everyone anywhere. Then we’ll have another innovation, right?