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In the last posting, I introduced Sony ZV-1F, a new Vlog and YouTube camera released by Sony. The Sony ZV-1F, which has been improved to enhance the convenience of filming videos rather than photos, is a very attractive camera that captures videos while carrying them lightly. SIM CARD KOREA

This time, I went glamping with SIM CARD KOREA ZV-1F, where my daughter had been singing because she wanted to go. Today, I’m going to talk a little bit more about this guy that I’ve been using myself.

외국인유심 First of all, the Sony ZV-1F is the latest in the ZV series, which focuses on taking your daily life with ease, and the 256g ultra-lightweight provides excellent portability that makes you feel no inconvenience while traveling. 외국인유심

In fact, during this glamping trip, I only took a wireless shutter grip and filmed according to the situation, but I was able to take it out right away and capture many happy moments of my family.

In particular, unlike the ZV-1, which had 24-70mm zoom lenses, it has a wider and cooler 20mm ultra-wide-angle lens, so it’s no problem taking selfies even when you’re comfortable with your hands.


Sony ZV-1F’s most attractive advantage is that thanks to its swivel screen, lightweight, and wide angle of view, it can conveniently capture the moment in any posture or situation. In particular, when the LCD screen is opened, it turns on immediately and allows quick filming, which helps a lot even though it doesn’t miss the moment I want to leave behind.

Although the fact that it is more specialized in video shooting and can only be taken in auto mode and JPG when taking photos may be regrettable for those who are familiar with conventional cameras, the satisfaction of the results was higher than expected thanks to the 1-inch Exmor RS CMOS image sensor and the cool and bright single lens of 20mm.

It’s not a camera for professional photographers, but a camera that’s convenient to carry around and leave daily moments as vivid videos and sensuous snapshots, so I focused on what’s needed.

Sony’s industry-leading AF technology is applied, and Eye AF technology, which automatically tracks the eyes of subjects, allows people and animals to be captured clearly in photos, so I think I was able to capture satisfactory results by just pressing the shutter.

The new UI, which supports touch, provides the benefits of the existing ZV series in terms of functionality, such as a soft skin that makes your skin tone smooth, a background blur mode that allows you to instantly blur the background with a single button, and a product review mode that tracks nearby objects first.

For your information, it also supports up to 5x slow motion and 60x hyper lapse, so you can easily leave a feeling of slow motion with a quick menu change.

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I’m satisfied and a little disappointed when I try it myself, but what makes me love him more than any other Vlog camera is that you can use Sony’s creative look in various colors.

You can choose a total of 10 unique and emotional colors, including black and white and sepia. Everything from the basic color ST to IN/SH, which is so atmospheric that you can upload it to Instagram, is so attractive that even beginners in photos and videos can use this creative look to get cool and cool results without a candidate.

In particular, Sony’s creative look effect is applied in real-time not only to photos but also to videos, so you can express this attractive color without any specific candidate. I like PT and IN effects, but they all have their charms, so there’s nothing to leave out.

Each creative look offers a total of eight options, ranging from contrast/highlight/shadow/fade/chromatic/clear/clear/clear/clear/clear, which can be adjusted by the user, allowing you to set a more personalized value.

Without the need for a separate microphone, the three-capsule-oriented microphone on the main body allows for high-quality sound recording, and the accompanying windscreen allows for clean, clean voices in windy outdoors.

I always touched the audio when editing the source taken with another camera, but the clips taken with ZV-1F can be used right away without having to touch them, which is a very important advantage for daily Vlog cameras.

By the way, the fact that it can be recognized as a webcam and live-streamed without the need for a separate setting when connected by USB is quite attractive to those who want to use it as a YouTube camera.

On this trip, I made a simple vlog of clips taken only with a Sony ZV-1F. I filmed the video by applying a creative look without any other candidate selection work, and I also used S&Q slow motion. It was a short schedule of 1 night and 2 days, but I am very satisfied to be able to leave such a wonderful moment of my daughter’s happy glamping trip.

The Sony ZV-1F, which has been used for about a month, is a camera that has so many charms that you can stay immersed throughout the shoot. Best portability, cool viewing angle, creative look with attractive colors, clean high-quality sound recording, and a range of convenient ZV series features…

It will be a very satisfying choice for those who want to carry around comfortably without any worries and capture high-quality videos with emotional and attractive colors. I recommend it as a comfortable Vlog and YouTube camera that captures precious moments of everyday life that will never come back.