samsung A13 업무용핸드폰

A new lineup of Samsung 업무폰 smartwatch Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Buds 2 models have emerged. It’s the Maison Kitsune edition, which is a new collaboration with fashion brands like the Tom Brown edition. In collaboration with Kitsune, a fashion brand and record label, specialized door lock beige colors and watches, straps, and faces with the Fox logo have been added.

In the case of the watch, it was differentiated from the band with a clean feeling, and the Galaxy Bud 2 has a cute fox shape engraved on the earbuds and charging case.


Galaxy Watch4
If you look closely at the Galaxy Watch 4 Maison Kitsune edition, the watch face and sensuous strap definitely felt casual and more friendly compared to Tom Brown. There are two straps that symbolize the Maison Kitsune edition, and they delicately represent text and fox patterns. Also, there is a change in the package such as a charger.

Not all models can be selected for this edition, but only the Galaxy Watch 440mm model type has been added, and the fox-shaped punch hole at the top of the strap is a subtle point, and the beige color feels clean. In addition, in the case of the gray strap, the Maison Kitsune inscription is slightly green-toned Stardust Gray, emphasizing the casual feeling. The price is 460,000 won, which is 200,000 won more expensive than the regular model


Galaxy Buds 2
The beige color of the Galaxy Buds 2 is quite attractive, and the Fox logo is carved in half and half on the earbuds. The fox in Earbird is Maison Kitsune Fox, who travels in space. It is differentiated in design. Also, the Maison Kitsune brand logo is engraved on the case. I think it would have been prettier if the Buzz case was smaller.

The 업무용폰 Galaxy Buds 2 Maison Kitsune edition includes a charging case, a fox imprinted all over the earbuds, especially a cover case imprinted with a fox feeling like embroidery, and a charging USB-C cable. Personally, the Stardersk Grey leather-filled case cover feels very luxurious. Galaxy Buds 2 Maison Kitsune 290,000 won!

The limited edition of the Galaxy Watch 4 and Buzz 2 Maison Kitsune has been decided. It will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis in some countries, including Korea, and reservations will begin immediately at 9 a.m. on the 21st, but delivery will be made sequentially after November 10th, and you can tag your Samsung smartphone with an enclosed NFC card or chip to install your own theme as a smartphone background.